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Wisdom Teeth Extractions

Wisdom teeth, also known as third molars, typically start to come in around the ages of 17-25. Our mouths often do not have enough space for the wisdom teeth to come in without causing some damage to the adjacent teeth. In addition, we don’t need our wisdom teeth, so being proactive about removal can help prevent unnecessary pain, discomfort, and disruption to the other teeth.

Why Choose Farmington Family & Implant Dentistry

Farmington Family & Implant Dentistry is one of the best-equipped dental offices for wisdom teeth removal in Farmington. Dr. El-Halaby is a periodontist with over 20 years of experience. Periodontists work primarily with the supporting structures of the teeth, making them and oral surgeons two of the most qualified specialties to handle tooth removal. With a specialist, you can expect more predictable outcomes and fewer complications.

Teen Prepping for Wisdom Tooth Removal

Impacted Wisdom Teeth

Impacted teeth, teeth that do not have enough room to erupt and develop normally, can be pretty complex. Most often, general dentists will refer out to an oral surgeon or periodontist for these complex cases. Since we have a periodontist with our office, you’re able to stay right in your dental home! The comfort of your dental home is excellent for all patients but especially those who struggle with a bit of dental anxiety. Keeping everything in your general dental office often means your insurance is accepted there as well!

There is a chance that the impacted teeth don’t cause harm to your mouth. However, they are challenging to clean, which means they can become more vulnerable to gum disease and decay.

Relax with Sedation Dentistry

To ensure comfort during you or your child's wisdom teeth extractions, we offer sedation dentistry options in Farmington for our patients. Dr. El-Halaby is licensed to administer IV sedation, a safe and effective option to help patients relax during their procedure.. Our dentists will discuss your sedation options with you and together move forward with what option best suits you or your child.

Wisdom Teeth Complications If Not Removed




Erosion cavity

Pain and swelling

Teeth can become impacted

Undo costly orthodontic work

Cost of Wisdom Teeth Removal

Since wisdom teeth removal varies in price due to the complexity of the extraction, we recommend booking a consultation with us. We can get x-rays and lay out a treatment plan with you.

The great news is, many dental insurance providers cover wisdom teeth removal. Our dental office will call and check your benefits for you. Along with accepting many large dental insurances, we have in-office financing and CareCredit that patients can look into if they don’t have dental insurance. Most often, the cost of wisdom teeth removal is much less than the cost of waiting too long. If you believe you have wisdom teeth coming in, or your children are about the age of typical eruption, give our office a call and book a consult.

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