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Cone Beam CT

Here at the office of Farmington Family and Implant Dentistry, we use the latest in dental technology to ensure that your visits are as smooth, gentle and accurate as possible. We use the Cone Beam CT x-ray equipment, which allows Dr. El-Halaby and his staff to see and assess problems that would often go undiagnosed with standard 2D technology. Using this machine, Dr. El-Halaby can map out an entire course of treatment with precision and accuracy.

Common ways in which we utilize the Cone Beam CT are to plan the accurate placement of dental implants in 3 dimensions, evaluate the jaw, determine tooth orientation and bone structure, surgically plan for the removal of impacted teeth, and more.

Conebeam Imaging And X-Ray of Dental Implants

LANAP - PerioLase MVP-7

Soft tissue lasers have been an incredible addition and success to health care technology as a whole. Soft tissue lasers in dentistry allow the dentist to work on patients with greater precision, efficiency and often less anesthesia. So what does this mean for the patient? Less discomfort during and after the procedure, quicker healing rates, usually quicker procedure time and minimizes the risk of infection. The controlled coagulation of a laser can make many dental procedures nearly bloodless and void of sutures.

Laser Periodontal Therapy Illustration

Our dental office has invested in the PerioLase MVP-7. The PerioLase MVP-7 has seven variable pulse durations that can be thought of as "different lasers" all in one device. Dr. El-Halaby uses this device to perform the LANAP protocol that treats gum disease without cutting or stitching of the gums.

Single Visit Dentistry with CEREC

Typical dental crown and inlay/onlay procedures take two visits. The first visit would include cleaning out the necessary area in the tooth, taking an impression of the tooth and then sending that impression over to a lab where the permanent crown would be made. During this time patients would have to wear a temporary crown and then come back for their final restoration. With Farmington Family & Implant Dentistry - we can do this all in one visit!

The CEREC system allows our team to take a digital scan of your mouth and tooth needing the restoration. This scan is uploaded into the CEREC software and then sent over to an inhouse milling unit where in real time your restoration is made. This allows patients to only need to schedule one visit, no need for ill fitting temporary crowns and they can leave the office with a full functioning smile. Same Day Dental Crowns and single visit dentistry has been a win for both patients and dental offices.

CEREC Primescan Patient Dentist

Digital X-Rays

No more having to stand in a dark room waiting for your X-Ray film to develop. We use a digital x-ray that allows our X-Rays to be sent to a computer to be immediately viewed. Digital X-Rays have become far superior to traditional methods.

Benefits of Digital X-Rays

Less radiation

No wait time on images

Shorter appointments

Images can be electronically sent (i.e., for second opinions)

Images can be enhanced, making it easier to identify the problem area

Intraoral Camera

Ever wonder exactly what the dentist sees inside your mouth? Dr. El-Halaby's use of an intraoral camera, you now can see what’s going! The advanced technology of an intraoral camera allows the doctor to see full images of a single tooth or your entire mouth on a monitor. The images created with an intraoral camera can help the doctor and boost awareness to the patient of what is going on inside their mouth. Intraoral cameras have been very effective in stating cases to insurance companies that otherwise would have been denied. They provide proof of clinical diagnostics.

Hygienist with Intraoral Camera Showing Teeth

Intraoral Scanner

Intraoral Scanner Medit i700

Tired of a goopy mess whenever the dentist says they need to take impressions of your teeth? We were too! We use an intraoral scanner that allows us to take impressions of your teeth without the mess.

All patients, not just those with a bad gag reflux, have been delighted by this technology. Common services we use the scanner for are dental implants, veneers, crowns and more.

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