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With laser dentistry, many dental procedures can now be performed with immense precision and effectiveness. In using lasers, dentists now have the ability to control the amount of pressure on tissue (either your gum or tooth structure) as well as how long this pressure is applied. This allows for very precise treatments of specific areas, without damaging any of the surrounding tissues.

Patients who tend to endure more anxiety and nervousness over dental procedures typically rave about procedures performed using laser dentistry. Use of this new technology has also lead to treatments that minimize pain, while reducing recovery time when compared to traditional treatment methods.

Dental Laser on Women's Teeth

Benefits of Laser Dentistry

Soft tissue procedures performed with a laser may not need sutures (stitches)

Minimizes pain and reduces recovery time

Some procedures do not require anesthesia

Minimal bleeding due to high energy light beam aiding in clotting of blood vessels

Minimizes damage to surrounding tissues

Versatility in Dental Procedures

The application of lasers in modern dentistry allows for complete versatility in the procedures dentists perform. Because lasers can be so precise in how they cut or trim tissues (both hard & soft) and do not harm surrounding tissues, the applications are broad. Laser dentistry procedures tend to include:

Gum contouring & reshaping

Benign tumors, cold & canker sores

TMJ (jaw joint) pain relief

Frenectomy, and tongue tie release procedures

And more...

Laser Gum Surgery

Farmington Family & Implant Dentistry uses LANAP® Protocol for periodontal disease treatment. Instead of having traditional gum surgery, we are able to treat your gums without all of the cutting and stitches that were previously needed. The laser allows us to eliminate the bacteria and damaged tissue without harming the healthy tissue. This results in less pain, less recession, and less discomfort. Ready to learn more?

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