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LANAP Laser Gum Surgery Farmington

Have you recently found out you have periodontal disease and surgery will be required? Have you been putting off treatment due to fear? Are your gums so sensitive that even the thought of gum surgery makes them throb? If you can relate to any of these, LANAP® may be here to save your day! Save your teeth, reduce your gum pockets depths and get back to good oral health with LANAP® laser gum surgery in Farmington, NY from our periodontist, Dr. El-Halaby.

What is LANAP® Laser Gum Surgery?

Here at Farmington Family and Implant Dentistry we use LANAP®, Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure, for gum disease treatment. This proven technology is the highest standard of care for periodontal disease treatment in the world. The LANAP® Protocol offers a much less invasive treatment than traditional gum surgery and doesn't require sutures or cutting of your gums. LANAP® Protocol is the only FDA cleared laser gum disease treatment for True Regeneration. This means the LANAP® protocol can re-grow the bone and tissue that were lost due to gum disease. This could be the difference in keeping your teeth or losing them. This procedure can ONLY be performed by a dentist who is certified in the procedure.

LANAP® Protocol Explained

Laser Periodontal Therapy Illustration

Why Patients Love Laser Gum Surgery

Faster Healing Rate

Less Painful

Less Gum Loss

Less Downtime

No More Bleeding Gums

No More Tender Gums

No Cutting or Stitches Needed

Saves Them From Losing Their Teeth

Saving Failed Dental Implants

Saves Money

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LANAP Laser Gum Surgery Vs. Traditional Gum Surgery

Traditional Gum Surgery - invasive surgery where the doctor will utilize a scalpel to enhance the visibility of the gum tissue, clean the pocket and decrease the pocket depth by cutting away the tissue. Often, bone grafting or soft tissue grafts will be necessary for successful gum reattachment to the tooth's root exterior. Traditional gum disease treatment may be necessary in some cases, but most often patients are able to choose the less invasive alternative, LANAP® laser gum surgery.

LANAP® Laser Gum Surgery - minimally invasive surgery that does not require a scalpel or sutures. The laser is able to detect the difference between healthy and diseased tissue. This allows our dentist to remove bacteria from the gums without cutting, damaging, or removing healthy tissue. This results in less pain and quicker healing rates for patients.

LANAP No Cut No Sew

Decreased Sensitivity

Faster Healing Rates

Gum Tissue Reattached w/o Stitches

Less Time in the Dental Chair

Little to No Gum Recession

No Incisions or Sutures

Reduced Risk of Infection

Patients who need periodontal disease treatment in Farmington now have a choice between traditional gum surgery and LANAP® laser gum surgery. Contact Farmington Family and Implant Dentistry for gum surgery in Farmington, NY today.

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